Test Results

Note to those who may be in Group Discussion. LISTEN TO YOUR PSYCHOLOGY MAJOR.


Group Discussion

Alright, first, happy news. Associates degreee by the end of semester. Yaaay!
Okies, now I can whine, right?
Anyways, took a group test in Group Discussion today, the sort where you all have to come to consensus on an answer.
One question was about the Stanford Prison Study, and I fought them tooth and nail over whether or not the students in the study were psychologically unfit or not. NOT I SAY!
Now, these are not psychology students, not even a little bit. Faced with a psychology major this close to her associates, referencing two or three other studies, and the HOLOCAUST (oh, come on, you can't argue with the Holocaust!) wouldn't you at least...listen?
...apparently not. I better have been right, so I can at least have the immense satisfaction of seeing that question marked wrong when we get it back. That's a point I will most gladly sacrifice.


I Am Not Cheap. Or "Frugal".

Let's see if I can explain this. I was making tasty treats for a get-together which was to occur sometime in January, and be a combined holiday/Genki's b-day celebration. In my attempt to find out when this would take place and where, seeing as the things were completely homemade, I asked her when it would be, as my Christmas presents were edible.
Because I am so hurt by her response to my question, I shall post a bit of her reply here. "Edible? Going to frugal way this season, aren't we? Ah, well, the most I can give people are cheap-o candy canes cos I had to quit my job...T-T"
...She totally meant cheap. She called me cheap. My mother agrees.
The things were not cheap...truffles and fudge and homemade gingerbread cookies...on a lovely plate...
Grr. Just grr. And then she called ON CHRISTMAS wanting me to take her somewhere. TWICE. Although to be fair, one of the times she also asked if we were doing something tomorrow like we'd planned. I told her no. I was angry and I would be tired after shopping all morning so I wasn't sure if I could hold my tongue. And I didn't really want to see her.

*beep* Ky-bot!

Today at work someone decided I was automated.
No joke. It was a customer, who had just gotten back from the airport, where, apparently, everything is automated, and when they heard my friendly voice, they assumed I was too. When he got to the window, he apologized for being a jackass (his words, not mine). He'd thought I was a recording for taking people's orders, and had behaved stupidly under the assumption I was such and he wouldn't be dealing with me at the next window.
People...*shakes head*



Brian and I are back together...I think. Anyways, I am all smily. Except for finding out that yahoo deleted my e-mail account. But still...I missed him so much...


Bert and Ernie

All right, now I'm the first to admit that I love Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street, but...okay, we prolly just ended up turning it on at the exact wrong time, to see Ernie blindfolded with a hand going down Bert's arm til it was offscreen, and then saying "Whoops, what's this?" or something like that.
And no, I don't have a dirty mind, either, K-2 got it as well.
...y'know, Elmo was watching that too.


Going To Snap Out Of This...Or Just Snap...

Sooo. Yeah. Anyone who reads this knows that basically Ky-Ky has had a rough couple of months. Y'know what? IT'S DOING THIS ON PURPOSE. It's like every bit of luck I ever had has deserted me. Like that damn "I'm sure everything will turn out right!" spell that cheerful people have won't work. Why? Because I'm mildly depressed now. I am not cheerful. It can't work if I'm not. I am sick of this, but I really don't know how to make myself better, and it's definitely not serious enough for drugs or therapy. So much grr. If you hear about a fast food rampage, that was me. Don't you DARE ask for extra ketchups.


I Think He's Avoiding Me

For anyone who possibly reads this at all, I'm sorry I've been so whiny lately, but I am having a very very bad few months. And I haven't talked to Brian in quite a while now, so that's not helping at all.