I'm Home!

Vacation was fun, except for the walking and hot and sunburned parts. Went and saw the ocean, which, I have decided, needs to be chlorinated and de-saltified. I'm already blind without my glasses, I don't need the salt making me even blinder. Plus, then I got knocked over by the waves I could not see.
After that, I swore I wouldn't be eating any more salt for a while, but ended up with the jalepeno cheese goldfish once we were back in the car.
Things I Did on Vacation:
1) Ate Pepperidge Farm cookie and cracker products
2) Went to Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown
3) Went to Norfolk to see where my parents and I lived when I was born
4) Went to Virgina Beach and saw the ocean for the first time
5) Wondered what the big deal was about the ocean
6) Got sunburnt
7) Went shopping
By the by, having four different flavors of goldfish and the radio blaring sure makes the time go by.


Bye Bye!

For those who care, I am going to be gone for a week or so on vacation. No work, no fast food, just burning on the beach. And going to random historical sites, because as a family, we feel bad if there is historical significance nearby and we just blow it off to go swimming.


M-V Keeps Her Cool

M-V is an older woman who works with me, and is the best person in the restaurant at headset. I admit this freely as I am second best. However, she does have a bit of a temper. She has made it to my list of top ten employees most likely to verbally attack a customer. (Ooh. I know big words. I mean most likely to cuss at 'em.)
Today a gentleman (Grr! No gentleman he!) decided that he had spent far too long waiting for his order to be taken. He decided to tell M-V this at some length, with a couple bad words and much angriness. He took his angriness to both of the windows, but did not cuss at me because some things you just don't do when faced with a confused and slightly wide-eyed me.
M-V held her tounge, though she was sorely tempted to tell the man where he could go. Instead she kept her voice calm and soothing, therefore making him twice as furious. ^ - ^
Personally, I think that a good row would have cleared things up much better, but policy dictates that we smile and use encouraging words and such.
Thing is, though, we were doing well in drive-thru. 95 second average on the orders. I believe the man in question either: 1) did not fully pull up to the speaker, meaning that the car never set off the headset, 2) stayed too close behind the car in front of him, meaning that the headset never registered the second car, or 3) exaggerated or possibly outright lied about the length of time he was waiting in order to wring an apology from us...or more likely to get some sympathy from the managers, who are in charge of this sort of thing. This happens to be the main reason I do not want to be a manager.
I would also like to point out that later when I was on headset, we had a 99 second average and also that not one person complained it took so long.
But the point is still, GO M-V!!!! Yay!


...What More Do They Want Me To Do?

Okies. Recently I was given a promotion. I have worked at my fast food restaurant going on three years in August, and only now have they given me a promotion, which was to hostess, cuz I AM NOT BEING A MANAGER.
So I am a cashier/hostess, right?
Now E-man, our store manager, is all like, "Y'know, Ky, you should be a crew trainer."
A crew trainer.
And not only that but, "And maybe we should have you do the orientations too. C-grr (who is another manager) could show you how to do them."
Now, C-grr is not my favorite manager ever. She was transferred from being a store manager cuz she couldn't handle it, and I have a feeling that she'll see this as me stepping on her toes. But...if E-man says it, it will be done.
I can't figure out if these promotion-y things are rewards for my years of hard work and cheerfulness in the face of customers, or E-man finding out how much he can drop on me before I snap.
In other work related news, S-HR has made me MC of his karaoke competition. Yes, you read this correctly.
This is how it's supposed to go down.
S-HR is another manager, who owns a karaoke machine, and has volunteered it for karaoke on Mondays at the store. Then he had a brilliant idea.
WHAT IF WE DID AN AMERICAN IDOL RIPOFF? He's currently trying to get a grand prize of singing the anthem at the stadium.
And I get to MC this wonderful idea. Because S-HR is shy.
Chu...maybe they are trying to kill me.


I HATE Attitude

Gah. Just got home from work. I usually hate work anyway, but today, N, whose real name is not being given, and who only gets a letter cuz she's not THAT important, decided that she didn't like my drive thru style.
She constantly snorted at my insistance that she NOT serve the order off before I HAD IT.
She got all annoyed when I was taking an order before getting ice cream for other orders.
She snatched orders out of my hands and finished them herself.
She did all of the above with quite a bit of attitude, although I've been doing this for YEARS and she's been headset able for a couple MONTHS.
Now, let me explain. I was on the headset. This job entails the taking of orders and running of orders. This sounds quite simple until you realize that you are taking and running orders at the SAME TIME, and that the ice cream machine is at the OTHER END OF THE STORE.
Add trying to keep french fries up, and you've got A LOT ON YOUR MIND.
N was in the window. This entails the handing out of food and drinks, checking order accuracy, and being nice to people. She was doing two out of three, seeing as she doesn't like people in general.
Anyway, she started complaining to K-chan, one of the night managers. Quite loudly. Where the people outside could hear her. She didn't seem one bit worried I'd hear her either.
Mostly it turned out to be annoyance that she couldn't have the headset. What is it with these people? They do not want to talk to people, yet they all want the headset. YOU STILL MUST TALK TO PEOPLE WHILE ON THE HEADSET. You even have to be nice to them. Most people are very nice, so long as you are nice to them too.
As far as I am concerned, they can keep the damn headset. Having people yelling in both ears gives me a headache.



Work sucks. Specially when there are people on cell phones.
There are many things you can do to annoy the drivethru people at a fast food restaurant. Usually it's pretty minor.
The order went something like this:
Ky(on the headset)- Hello, may I take your order?
Guy- I want a number four.
Ky- With or without cheese?
*Guy's cell phone rings*
Guy- Hello?
Ky- Uh, sir?
Guy- *talking to person on cell phone*
Ky- Sir, was that with or without cheese?
Guy- A number four!
Ky- With cheese?
*more talking to person on phone. then he pulls away from the speaker*
This means that when he got up to the window, and put down his cell phone for a moment, he had no order. He was rather annoyed, and mentioned several times that I'd never told him the price. I managed to hold my tounge and not mention that he'd never told me the ORDER.
I did have a bit of luck today, however. I apparently mistook a ten for a twenty while I was taking money, and the guy brought back the money a few hours later. He was all like, "Yeah, she's always there, usually there's no mistakes..." His name is Will. THANK YOU WILL! I would've got written up for that much money missing. I also like to think that this was good karma from all those times I've given people back dollars that were stuck together.
See, kids? It pays to be a nice person sometimes!



Tomorrow at work, I get to do my favorite job. It is called "hostessing". Mind you, I work at a fast food restaurant, so it means more that I get to hand out free stuff and play nice with customers than seat anyone. But I am the only person at work who has the title "cashier/hostess" and yes...it is sort of sad. But still!
The other people at work, after I got this promotion, did not understand at first why it was that I was always always the one who did the handing out o' free stuff. Some of them wondered in an out loud fashion if they could do it instead of me. But the people I am speaking of, the ones who would take my favorite job? They are not particularly friendly, and it shows. They are just trying to get out of doing cashier work. So go me.
Anyway, I am hostessing cuz our restaurant is finished with its remodel, so we are giving out free meal coupons! Yay!
Tomorrow, most people should be happy. Oh yes. Except the meanies behind the counter.


Art Festival

Yeah... our city has an art festival and stuff...and they have a student booth. So I was helping Brian bring stuff there and set things up, and it wasn't exactly how we expected. For instance, there really wasn't anywhere for Brian to stand and try to, y'know, sell his work. So, first day, absolutely nothing sold.
Not even the awesome fish.
This fish is deserving of some description. For one, it is made of hot glue, Brian's favorite medium. And two, it is really cute and all tropical, and blue. It is hard to make hot glue blue, but Brian figured out how, and I'm not telling. Is properly named, "Fish out of Water", but mostly I just call it the awesome fish.
Ne, so after that few hours of baking in the hot sun, and watching a few lampwork demonstrations, we left, and came back the next day, sometime in the afternoon. Yes, and I was so bright I forgot to put on sunblock in the sunny, hot weather. Go Ky!
And...stuff had sold...including the awesome fish.
I was rather sad to see awesome fish go, however, I was also quite happy for Brian making it as artist, as he was beginning to be bit depressed about it.
So that is what I did with my weekend. I think it was worth it, cuz 1) I got to see bead lampwork in action and 2) Brian is an artist! Yay.



Why is it that people lose all common sense when planning a large group trip?
Otakon is in August. I've been working on planning since January. I still have no freaking idea of who is supposed to be going, so I've now given up on the whole group registration thing.
I understand that we are all teenagers...but why the hell can't anyone commit to three days in August?
Also, I have no chaperones, and the parental units are up in arms. I think we're going to end up sleeping in my basement, so my dad can keep an eye on us and ensure that there are no orgies going on under his watch.
Brian, my wonderful boyfriend, was more interested in the possible "Starcraft" gaming available in the basement than the possible orgy opportunities. Honestly, I don't think my parents have too much to worry about...


...work just sent me home. I got dressed and put on my little tie and everything, and now I am denied my $7.19 per hour. And I was s'posed to work eight hours too!
They are re-paving the parking lot. And someone was supposed to tell me.

Blog away, Ky!

I've been reading far far too many blogs lately, and I suppose that this happens to be the result. Anyway...
Everyone graduated last night! Woo! All my friends are finally, finally officially college students, which means that next year I am not going to be all alone in the world of college!
This is good!
Okay, and now, instead of dating an unemployed high school student, I'm dating an unemployed high school graduate. Oh, yeah, go Ky.