Art Festival

Yeah... our city has an art festival and stuff...and they have a student booth. So I was helping Brian bring stuff there and set things up, and it wasn't exactly how we expected. For instance, there really wasn't anywhere for Brian to stand and try to, y'know, sell his work. So, first day, absolutely nothing sold.
Not even the awesome fish.
This fish is deserving of some description. For one, it is made of hot glue, Brian's favorite medium. And two, it is really cute and all tropical, and blue. It is hard to make hot glue blue, but Brian figured out how, and I'm not telling. Is properly named, "Fish out of Water", but mostly I just call it the awesome fish.
Ne, so after that few hours of baking in the hot sun, and watching a few lampwork demonstrations, we left, and came back the next day, sometime in the afternoon. Yes, and I was so bright I forgot to put on sunblock in the sunny, hot weather. Go Ky!
And...stuff had sold...including the awesome fish.
I was rather sad to see awesome fish go, however, I was also quite happy for Brian making it as artist, as he was beginning to be bit depressed about it.
So that is what I did with my weekend. I think it was worth it, cuz 1) I got to see bead lampwork in action and 2) Brian is an artist! Yay.


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