Tomorrow at work, I get to do my favorite job. It is called "hostessing". Mind you, I work at a fast food restaurant, so it means more that I get to hand out free stuff and play nice with customers than seat anyone. But I am the only person at work who has the title "cashier/hostess" and yes...it is sort of sad. But still!
The other people at work, after I got this promotion, did not understand at first why it was that I was always always the one who did the handing out o' free stuff. Some of them wondered in an out loud fashion if they could do it instead of me. But the people I am speaking of, the ones who would take my favorite job? They are not particularly friendly, and it shows. They are just trying to get out of doing cashier work. So go me.
Anyway, I am hostessing cuz our restaurant is finished with its remodel, so we are giving out free meal coupons! Yay!
Tomorrow, most people should be happy. Oh yes. Except the meanies behind the counter.


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