Work sucks. Specially when there are people on cell phones.
There are many things you can do to annoy the drivethru people at a fast food restaurant. Usually it's pretty minor.
The order went something like this:
Ky(on the headset)- Hello, may I take your order?
Guy- I want a number four.
Ky- With or without cheese?
*Guy's cell phone rings*
Guy- Hello?
Ky- Uh, sir?
Guy- *talking to person on cell phone*
Ky- Sir, was that with or without cheese?
Guy- A number four!
Ky- With cheese?
*more talking to person on phone. then he pulls away from the speaker*
This means that when he got up to the window, and put down his cell phone for a moment, he had no order. He was rather annoyed, and mentioned several times that I'd never told him the price. I managed to hold my tounge and not mention that he'd never told me the ORDER.
I did have a bit of luck today, however. I apparently mistook a ten for a twenty while I was taking money, and the guy brought back the money a few hours later. He was all like, "Yeah, she's always there, usually there's no mistakes..." His name is Will. THANK YOU WILL! I would've got written up for that much money missing. I also like to think that this was good karma from all those times I've given people back dollars that were stuck together.
See, kids? It pays to be a nice person sometimes!


At 6/14/2005 07:56:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow.........that's good.........I think......hello Kawaii! It's the happy dragon Mago! ^.^


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