I HATE Attitude

Gah. Just got home from work. I usually hate work anyway, but today, N, whose real name is not being given, and who only gets a letter cuz she's not THAT important, decided that she didn't like my drive thru style.
She constantly snorted at my insistance that she NOT serve the order off before I HAD IT.
She got all annoyed when I was taking an order before getting ice cream for other orders.
She snatched orders out of my hands and finished them herself.
She did all of the above with quite a bit of attitude, although I've been doing this for YEARS and she's been headset able for a couple MONTHS.
Now, let me explain. I was on the headset. This job entails the taking of orders and running of orders. This sounds quite simple until you realize that you are taking and running orders at the SAME TIME, and that the ice cream machine is at the OTHER END OF THE STORE.
Add trying to keep french fries up, and you've got A LOT ON YOUR MIND.
N was in the window. This entails the handing out of food and drinks, checking order accuracy, and being nice to people. She was doing two out of three, seeing as she doesn't like people in general.
Anyway, she started complaining to K-chan, one of the night managers. Quite loudly. Where the people outside could hear her. She didn't seem one bit worried I'd hear her either.
Mostly it turned out to be annoyance that she couldn't have the headset. What is it with these people? They do not want to talk to people, yet they all want the headset. YOU STILL MUST TALK TO PEOPLE WHILE ON THE HEADSET. You even have to be nice to them. Most people are very nice, so long as you are nice to them too.
As far as I am concerned, they can keep the damn headset. Having people yelling in both ears gives me a headache.


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