I'm Home!

Vacation was fun, except for the walking and hot and sunburned parts. Went and saw the ocean, which, I have decided, needs to be chlorinated and de-saltified. I'm already blind without my glasses, I don't need the salt making me even blinder. Plus, then I got knocked over by the waves I could not see.
After that, I swore I wouldn't be eating any more salt for a while, but ended up with the jalepeno cheese goldfish once we were back in the car.
Things I Did on Vacation:
1) Ate Pepperidge Farm cookie and cracker products
2) Went to Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Yorktown
3) Went to Norfolk to see where my parents and I lived when I was born
4) Went to Virgina Beach and saw the ocean for the first time
5) Wondered what the big deal was about the ocean
6) Got sunburnt
7) Went shopping
By the by, having four different flavors of goldfish and the radio blaring sure makes the time go by.


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