M-V Keeps Her Cool

M-V is an older woman who works with me, and is the best person in the restaurant at headset. I admit this freely as I am second best. However, she does have a bit of a temper. She has made it to my list of top ten employees most likely to verbally attack a customer. (Ooh. I know big words. I mean most likely to cuss at 'em.)
Today a gentleman (Grr! No gentleman he!) decided that he had spent far too long waiting for his order to be taken. He decided to tell M-V this at some length, with a couple bad words and much angriness. He took his angriness to both of the windows, but did not cuss at me because some things you just don't do when faced with a confused and slightly wide-eyed me.
M-V held her tounge, though she was sorely tempted to tell the man where he could go. Instead she kept her voice calm and soothing, therefore making him twice as furious. ^ - ^
Personally, I think that a good row would have cleared things up much better, but policy dictates that we smile and use encouraging words and such.
Thing is, though, we were doing well in drive-thru. 95 second average on the orders. I believe the man in question either: 1) did not fully pull up to the speaker, meaning that the car never set off the headset, 2) stayed too close behind the car in front of him, meaning that the headset never registered the second car, or 3) exaggerated or possibly outright lied about the length of time he was waiting in order to wring an apology from us...or more likely to get some sympathy from the managers, who are in charge of this sort of thing. This happens to be the main reason I do not want to be a manager.
I would also like to point out that later when I was on headset, we had a 99 second average and also that not one person complained it took so long.
But the point is still, GO M-V!!!! Yay!


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