...What More Do They Want Me To Do?

Okies. Recently I was given a promotion. I have worked at my fast food restaurant going on three years in August, and only now have they given me a promotion, which was to hostess, cuz I AM NOT BEING A MANAGER.
So I am a cashier/hostess, right?
Now E-man, our store manager, is all like, "Y'know, Ky, you should be a crew trainer."
A crew trainer.
And not only that but, "And maybe we should have you do the orientations too. C-grr (who is another manager) could show you how to do them."
Now, C-grr is not my favorite manager ever. She was transferred from being a store manager cuz she couldn't handle it, and I have a feeling that she'll see this as me stepping on her toes. But...if E-man says it, it will be done.
I can't figure out if these promotion-y things are rewards for my years of hard work and cheerfulness in the face of customers, or E-man finding out how much he can drop on me before I snap.
In other work related news, S-HR has made me MC of his karaoke competition. Yes, you read this correctly.
This is how it's supposed to go down.
S-HR is another manager, who owns a karaoke machine, and has volunteered it for karaoke on Mondays at the store. Then he had a brilliant idea.
WHAT IF WE DID AN AMERICAN IDOL RIPOFF? He's currently trying to get a grand prize of singing the anthem at the stadium.
And I get to MC this wonderful idea. Because S-HR is shy.
Chu...maybe they are trying to kill me.


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