Happy Fourth o' July

Okies, so it's not official the fourth yet, but up where I used to live, the fireworks are always on the Saturday before anyway. It's a big family thing: like fish migrating back to their point of birth, the scions of my family pack spouses and children into cars and drive, sometimes for hours, in order to arrive at Grandma's to go see the fireworks.
The fireworks themselves were kinda half-rate. We want big clouds of sparklies high in the air. They did fountains and screaming angels, mostly. And then we packed up and headed out.
While cutting through the stream of people to walk back to Grandma's, apparently one or another of us bumped some drunk guy still holding a little plastic cup of beer. The guy immediately left the stream of people and proceeded to yell at the nearest person...who of course was me, with K-2 and another younger female cousin nearby. >.<
To my credit, I didn't even realize it. However, I've also realized that this immense level of obliviousness must be genetic. An aunt began to yell at the man for cursing at her nieces, and he turned on her. An uncle thought he was yelling at another aunt next to her, who happened to be his wife, and went after the guy...with a baby cousin in the stroller he was pushing. Yet another uncle (this one an ex-pastor) went after the guy for cursing at his sweet innocent nieces, and faced with two tall, angry uncles the drunk guy backed off. By the time we realized what was going on, it was all over. 'Cept that my uncle with the stroller still wanted to go after him. Only without the stroller this time.
So anyway, Happy Fourth of July. This is the stuff family memories are made of.


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