Stuff That Has Happened.

I have been strangely derelict in my posting lately. I will blame this entirely on what my male friends have been putting me through lately. (*coughcoughyesSaikoroandBrianthismeansyoucoughcough*)
Anyway, we'll start with Brian. Since the breakup, we've been quite good friends...except that the entire physical attraction hasn't gone away for either of us. This isn't good when you are in close company for long periods of time making Otakon costumes. So Brian brought up the idea of being "friends with benefits". After thinking that over for a week or so, I decided that yeah, strangely enough that sounded pretty good. So now neither of us has to deny that physical component of our relationship, but we can break it off pretty easily should either of us find someone else. Since both of us are now single and probably staying that way for a while, it's a good solution, I think, and knowing the two of us, unlikely to end up messy.
Now, on the subject of being single, my best friend, Saikoro, who is indeed male, decided to kiss me. Now, I have known him since he was shorter than I am. That is like, a whole seven years. He is way too close as a friend (I think of him as a younger brother) to even consider dating him. So things are just going to be wierd for a while. Yeah.
I still don't understand why he had to kiss me though.


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