Not Insane. I Promise.

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...really I'm not. And now, the reason why I must declare this fact before continuing this post.


A. Totoro. Cupcake. For those not in the know, "My Neighbor Totoro" is a children's anime, a delightful little animated movie from Japan about a couple of little girls who move with their dad to a place in the Japanese countryside, so as to have a nice restful place to bring their mom when she gets out of the hospital. However, the countryside has a lot more superstitions and stuff, and they learn about the nature spirits that guard the places. It's fairly old, but really really cute, and there was a group who cosplayed the catbus from it last year at Otakon. Anyway, the Totoro are friendly spirits that they meet. AND THERE IS A CUPCAKE! Found this picture uploaded at http://cupcakestakethecake.blogspot.com/, which is THE cupcake blog. I go there to drool over delicious delicious looking cupcakes, for they put up the prettiest pictures they find. I am certain that this is either a Totoro or a cheap Totoro knockoff. Where the hell can I get me one of these?


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