Otakon Ahoy!

Shamelessly stealing the nautical terminology from Brian. Anyway, as I sit here at 11 or so, it is soon to be nine days and counting til Otakon 2005.
Costumes finished- one and three-fourths. I'll explain.
Kimono outfit and rave outfit are both very very nearly done. For the kimono I need to finish up a purse and also the tabi. For the rave outfit I need to get my jelly bracelets together, ask mom for glow bracelets, and then buy pink ribbons to lace my boots with.
Note, the catgirl outfit is completely incomplete. And as stated...nine days. So I basically have a weekend to make this outfit. Joy.
At the very least, I need to make the cat stuff, tail, ears, gloves, boots, and improvise around lack of corset.
...I just realized I've been planning this costume since December and it is no more a reality than the flying pig.


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