Brian and I are back together...I think. Anyways, I am all smily. Except for finding out that yahoo deleted my e-mail account. But still...I missed him so much...


Bert and Ernie

All right, now I'm the first to admit that I love Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street, but...okay, we prolly just ended up turning it on at the exact wrong time, to see Ernie blindfolded with a hand going down Bert's arm til it was offscreen, and then saying "Whoops, what's this?" or something like that.
And no, I don't have a dirty mind, either, K-2 got it as well.
...y'know, Elmo was watching that too.


Going To Snap Out Of This...Or Just Snap...

Sooo. Yeah. Anyone who reads this knows that basically Ky-Ky has had a rough couple of months. Y'know what? IT'S DOING THIS ON PURPOSE. It's like every bit of luck I ever had has deserted me. Like that damn "I'm sure everything will turn out right!" spell that cheerful people have won't work. Why? Because I'm mildly depressed now. I am not cheerful. It can't work if I'm not. I am sick of this, but I really don't know how to make myself better, and it's definitely not serious enough for drugs or therapy. So much grr. If you hear about a fast food rampage, that was me. Don't you DARE ask for extra ketchups.