Group Discussion

Alright, first, happy news. Associates degreee by the end of semester. Yaaay!
Okies, now I can whine, right?
Anyways, took a group test in Group Discussion today, the sort where you all have to come to consensus on an answer.
One question was about the Stanford Prison Study, and I fought them tooth and nail over whether or not the students in the study were psychologically unfit or not. NOT I SAY!
Now, these are not psychology students, not even a little bit. Faced with a psychology major this close to her associates, referencing two or three other studies, and the HOLOCAUST (oh, come on, you can't argue with the Holocaust!) wouldn't you at least...listen?
...apparently not. I better have been right, so I can at least have the immense satisfaction of seeing that question marked wrong when we get it back. That's a point I will most gladly sacrifice.